Jayden Lawrence’s musical journey began with a marimba at the back of his Kindergarten classroom, which led him to the piano shortly after. Excelling at Music through high school, Jayden was awarded scholarships to study at the Newcastle Conservatorium of Music, which was followed up with a Graduate Diploma in Screen Music from the Australian Film Television and Radio School, where he studied under renowned composers Martin Armiger (Police Rescue, Young Einstein), Christopher Gordon (Mao’s Last Dancer, Master & Commander) and synth & tech guru Kirke Godfrey (Mission Impossible II, Anacondas). His well-trained ear and technical competency has earned him a “go-to” status for digital music production and notation services, while his work ethic and easy-going nature has secured his spot in the phone-books of several directors and producers. Jayden is currently based in Los Angeles where he is working on a range of projects including music for film, trailers, television, and video games, as well as audio editing for sample libraries.


Film & Documentary

Don’t Worry Baby
Dir. Mel White
(Short Film)

TWA EP01: Where The Jackal Sleeps
Dir. Erik Magnusson
Lunacraft Productions / Rogue Ventures
(Web Series Episode)

TWA EP04: Children of The Snatcher
Dir. Richard De Carvalho
Lunacraft Productions / Rogue Ventures
(Web Series Episode)

Head Above Water
Dir. Connor Fairclough
(Feature Film)

Silent Lamb
Dir. Randy Gunawan
(Short Film)

Dan to DanDaLion
Dir. Connor Fairclough
(Short Film / Documentary)

The Calling
Dir. Matt Ford
(Short Film)

Silent Night
Dir. Nastassja Djalog
(Short Film)

Beer Wars
Dir. Shaylee Gomes
(Short Film / Documentary)

Dir. Eugene Dyson
(Short Film)

King of The Gallows
Dir. Erik Magnusson
(Short Film)

Battlefield Tim
Dir. Kasper Kane & Connor Fairclough
(Short Film)

Dir. Adam Rosenberg
(Short Film / Documentary)

Dir. Jack Taylor Cox
(Piano Player)

TV, Advertising & Promotional

Cunspiracy With Josh Wade
Produced by Connor Fairclough and Josh Wade
(Web Series & Podcast)

Working with Martin Armiger
(TV News program and bulletins)

Juice Bureau
(Advertisement for Cinema)

SumoSalad “Summer”
Dir. Shaylee Gomes
Garage Entertainment

University of Newcastle – Centre of Excellence
Nodding Dog
(Series of promotional videos)

Trailer & Production Music

Seasons (not yet released)
Co-write w/ Ric Mills
(Plan 8, dist. Universal Production Music)

Superheroes & Sorcery – 2 tracks (Co-writer)
Co-write w/ Ric Mills & Steve Everitt
Universal Trailer Series

Superheroes & Sorcery – 4 tracks (Production)
Digital Mock-up and production
Universal Trailer Series

The Changing Of The Seasons – 1 Track (Production)
Ric Mills

Patriotica – “Unbroken”
Co-write with Ric Mills
SPM Music Group / Colossal Trailer Music

Video Games and Apps

Veramarth Arena (in production)
Solaria Entertainments

Autajon Packaging VR Tour
Ryan Alex Martin
(Android App)

Audio Book

Written by Matt Lumb, Illustrated by Kiara Mucci
University of Newcastle

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